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Our privacy policy

This privacy policy describes how Sysynkt collects and uses information as part of our service and when visiting this website. Sysynkt Ltd collects, hands and discloses personal information fairly and lawfully and takes reasonable steps to protect all personal information.
Our Privacy Policy
  • Details how Sysynkt will collect, store and process personal information;
  • Should be considered in respect to information gathered as part of Sysynkt’s products and services;
  • Explains how Sysynkt will make personal information available for access and correction;
  • Provides Sysynkt’s customers – both existing and prospective – confidence in our services.
At all times Sysynkt operates under the privacy regulations of the United Kingdom, as well as complying with EU GDPR in the delivery of Sysynkt’s service to its customers.
Collection of personal information
Sysynkt collects personal information as part of its service, directly from a user through Sysynkt’s web application, as well as other input methods both digital and in person. Information can also be collected from third parties, including from suppliers, customers, contractors and other data sources. At all times Sysynkt will only ever collect the personal information that is necessary to provide our service and to promote the business.The kind of information collected depends on the collection activity, by may include the collection of names, addresses, contact details, financial information and employment information. The kind of activities where Sysynkt collects personal information include:
  • The provision of our provides and services to customers
  • Relationships with prospective and existing customers
  • Engagement with third-party service providers and vendors
  • With regulatory authorities where required by law
  • Internal activities
Information collected may encompass information that is collected as part of an existing relationship between two parties and is considered as having been collected through secondary means. I.e. the collection of data by means of a customer collecting the information through Sysynkt’s service. In this instance the data is considered to have been collected by the customer, is considered to be private personal information of the customer and thus fall this privacy policy.
Sysynkt uses personal information to delivery its primary service as well as promoting the business. This can include the creation of user accounts, processing personal and non-personal information and transmitting the information to and from the customer.Personal information can be used in association with a service provided by Sysynkt, where by the information forms part of the service provided and is this is considered to be reasonable related to the service.Where personal information is used primarily for marketing a recipient can at any time opt out of receiving this marketing.
As part of our service Sysynkt may disclose personal information to third parties, including contractors, agents and service providers, where it’s reasonably required in relation to the provision of our service. All disclosures are made within the confidentiality and privacy agreements and obligations of both parties.As part of our service Sysynkt may send information outside of the United Kingdom in relation to the provision of our service. At all times privacy regulations of the United Kingdom will apply to both Sysynkt and related or third parties regardless of the jurisdiction.At all times Sysynkt will never disclose personal information to a third party unless there is consent to do so, or there are reasonable grounds to so by law, or where there are reasonable grounds to so to prevent a serious and imminent threat to life or safety.
Upon request Sysynkt will provide personal information about the individual to the individual where the request is lawful.The procedure to gain access to personal information collected by Sysynkt is:
  • A written request should be submitted to the Privacy Officer (
  • The request should include details of the request, including the reason for the request and the data that is requested
  • The identity of the requestor must be verifiable by Sysynkt
  • The request will be responded to within a reasonable time
  • A fee to cover the reasonable costs associated with the requested will be chargeable to the individual
At all times Sysynkt will correct personal information where it is not correct, complete or accurate. A request for correction may be submitted to the Privacy Office.
When legislation and regulations change, Sysynkt will update this policy accordingly. We may also do so from time to time to ensure that the best policy is in place for Sysynkt and our customers. All amended policies supersede this version. All queries about this policy can be raised with the Privacy Office.