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How it works

Sysynkt lives in the cloud, where it connects securely to your finance software (eg. Infor SunSystems) through its own APIs.

There’s nothing to install for Sysynkt and generally you don’t need to upgrade your accounting software. We can connect to SunSystems both on-premise or in the cloud, no worries!


Generation alpha

Sysynkt was born-in-the-cloud. It’s not a ‘port’ a ‘screenscrape’ or a web-version of existing legacy software.

We’re platform and application agnostic. With Sysynkt you can connect to your CRM, ERP or other business software to pull in key data to be used in Sysynkt and to drive workflows, approvals, inform coding or define processes. Then send out data to your business systems via our API.


Made simple

Our workflow engine is truly unique. With its drag-and-drop graphical designer say goodbye to matrices and flat, rules-based workflow and approvals.

Now you have a workflow engine that can support your business processes instead of shoe-horning your processes to fit the software.


Secure and local

Sysynkt is hosted on infrastructure provided by a leading global hosting provider, with SOC2, SOC3, CSA and CBPR certification.

Customers can choose their hosting region from a number of data centres across the major regions. Your subscription includes all updates and patches so you don’t need to lift a finger.


Meet Audrey

AI-Assisted Document Recognition Engine (AIDRE, but we just call her Audrey) is our intelligent data extraction system that analysis documents for our different modules.

Using several AI-models and processing engines, AIDRE is capable of categorising and understanding invoices even if it’s never seen it before. Capable of reading multiple languages, handwriting and photos, AIDRE continues to evolve and you’ll benefit.

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